Travellers in their own life.

After a lot of journeys and returns, there is no defined place to come back to, neither does there seem to be a clear destination to reach. In this uncertainly, disorientation, between those two suspended points, while waiting for a vague/imprecise clarity, they could find themselves permanently uprooted or in exile. They know that the solution will not appear from elsewhere through somebody or something. They depend only on their own acts and decisions. 

The prosthetic devices they wear help them to protect themselves, to define their situation or otherwise they may be an impediment that prevents them going beyond and clearly understanding their reality. They have all the necessary devices to obtain something, but somehow they are not able to reach it. 

Maybe they are looking for places were something has remained almost imperceptible, and now can take start to be meaningful again. Micro-histories as redemption. A place to connect with, to find information, to understand. 

They only aim to go forward…to the future? Trying to fulfill their own expectations. 

Wandering in a double risk situation (or with two possibilities) without perspective and rootless. 

Self-sufficiency versus absence. 

Perhaps they just try to leave tracks, traces of their existence, gestures against anonymity, oblivion. 

Just a passenger your own life. 

Bartolomé Payeras-Salom