“The affection-image: has as it´s limit the simple affect of fear, and the effacement of faces into nothingness. But as it´s substance is has the compound of desire and astonishment, which gives it life, and the turning aside of faces in the open, in the flesh. "

 Gilles Deleuze

 ...looking for something, waiting for something: the appearance of a sign, of a certainty, (a truth ).

The search for truth only occurs when we feel compelled towards it, in a situation at the limit -scared to disappear- in some way time stands still, suspended pending a certainty to help us superimpose the sequences and unite them again. 

An encounter with something through looking, finding a point of convergence, the revelation of a truth. The emergence of an expected sign, liberating, the re-encounter with the "other" (our absent reflection), the recognition of a way of acting. 

 -a sharp perception (a moment like a gunshot) 

The reunion between the exterior and interior, self-contemplation , when everything finally makes sense ( overlapping sequences ), when affliction becomes certainty . Only an intangible flicker (an unreachable remoteness) , only a few seconds of clarity. 

A calculated representation.