They are already there

The travelers from Bartolomé Payeras-Salom are not ordinary travelers, even without knowing his motives, I witnessed the evolution of their travels, form the original black and white, almost a cosmic depth, almost the same radiation that flow out from the big bang, to the digitalized color space: a blurred beach, duplicated in his radical out of focus: the brutal effect of a lost paradise where never was a paradise, the traveler who come from centuries ago to reach the everyday not to explore the beyond. Every exploration is a here and now. And what the travelers do is a journey through the cultural signs, references from second or third order, they don´t go to the brute nature, but the culture of images, and there they rescue what is in them sidereal, alienation and loneliness. They explore this luminous abyss not so far away from Paul Dirac or St. John of the Cross or the apes from “2001 a space odyssey” or the angels from “The sky over Berlin” or what it opens when you watch / gaze intently a lonely beach at night and the city in the background and this points of light that are stars and the chemical heart, beating and immense oh the industrial bakery before his eyes.

It is an abyss of signs 

And they are the semionauts.

Agustín Fernández Mallo